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Pet ID Kit, Recovery Aid & Preparedness Packet


Caring for Pets and the People Who Love Them!

You AND Your Pet!

Did you know that
in an accident or emergency,
is NOT ENOUGH to protect you . . .
or your Pet?

Our Emergency Key Tag, Wallet Card and Magnetic Card
are lifesaving aids in an accident or emergency.
They alert arriving help of your name, address, blood type,
family doctor, and medical conditions and allergies.
They also relay that you "have pets at home"
and who your pet’s veterinarian is!
All of this vital information is now combined in three easily
accessible items. The information they contain will save
valuable time . . . at a time when EVERY minute counts!

Whether you live alone or with others,
should the unforeseen happen, be prepared . . .
for YOUR sake, your FAMILY's sake, for PET’s sake!

Emergency Products!

Our IdentaPeople Key Tags are NOT acrylic --
they are made from durable, amber colored proponate!
They are “LIFETIME” tags for a “LIFETIME” of caring!
They will NOT break, scratch or chip under normal conditions.
They come with a large, heavy key ring.
They measure 2” x 1 3/8”.
Large enough to be read by those who need to read them --
discreet enough to be ignored by those who do not!

Product Code # KTR
KEY TAG w/Ring
Just $3.00 + $3.00 Shipping and Handling = $6.00 TOTAL
Additional Orders - $5.00 EACH (Includes Shipping & Handling)

Our Emergency Magnetic Cards are “Peel and Stick”.
Simply fill in the information on the card,
peel off the backing from the “tacky” side of the magnet
and place the card on the magnet. We recommend these
cards be kept on the inside of a steel front door,
on a refrigerator or stove, or in a car
so they are easily accessible when necessary.
Confusion abounds during sudden illness, injury, accident or
emergency even when other family members may be available.
Eliminating some of the confusion can help eliminate
some of the stress, as well as the frantic searches
for this vital information.

Product Code # MEC
Magnetic Emergency Card
Just $2.50 + $2.00 Shipping and Handling = $4.50 TOTAL
Additional Orders - $3.50 EACH (Includes Shipping & Handling)

Last, but not least, our Emergency Wallet Card
is definitely the card "You don’t leave home with it”!

Product Code # WEC
Wallet Emergency Card
Just $1.50 + $1.50 Shipping and Handling = $3.00 TOTAL
Additional Orders - $2.00 EACH (Includes Shipping & Handling)

$$$ SAVE $$$

Product Code # EMT
Just $7.00 + $3.00 Shipping and Handling = $10.00 TOTAL
Additional Orders - $9.00 EACH (Includes Shipping & Handling)

ASPCA Emergency Static Cling Window Decal!

This visible aid alerts emergency personnel in your community that you have pets should the unexpected happen when you are away from home or are are unable to speak for them.

These non- adhesive stickers can be placed on any window. They work by static cling so they can be easily removed and positioned in a new location. Decals boldly declare "Animals Inside". Simply fill in your contact information and you can rest easy knowing that your pets will be well taken care of during an emergency.
These stickers measure 3 1/2 inches round.

Product Code # EWD
ASPCA Static Cling Emergency Window Decals (Set of 2)
Just $3.99 + $1.00 Shipping and Handling = $4.99 TOTAL
Additional Orders - $3.99 per Additional Set of 2
(Includes Shipping & Handling)

& Also ACCEPTED thru PayPal!


Shipping and Handling Charges for Contiguous USA Only.
Will Ship to Worldwide.
EMAIL IdentaPet ANYTIME for International Rates!!!
Please Allow 2-4 Weeks for Delivery!

Or - send Check or Money Order to:
IdentaPet, PO Box 97, Palmyra, NJ 08065

Include your NAME, ADDRESS and
(email address optional)
along with a CHECK or MONEY ORDER
in US Dollars ONLY payable to IdentaPet.

(New Jersey Residents add 6% sales tax)

Please be sure to include the Quantity and the
Product Code # of the items you are ordering!

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I can rest easy now, knowing my family cares enough to protect me with my very own IdentaPet PetSake Kit. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

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